Care Instructions

• The knife is not suitable for bones or frozen food.
• The blade is not rustproof, so immediately after use rinse with warm water, then dry immediately.
• Never clean the knives in the dishwasher. The combination of high temperatures, water and aggressive salts damage the materials and dull the cutting edge. It is better to clean by hand. Do not use an abrasive sponge for cleaning.
• The brightness of the blade can change, the blade will tarnish and develop a patina. This as a typical characteristic of a carbon steel blade. It gives the knife an archaic and distinctive look.
• If you still want to polish your knife to a high gloss again, the discoloration of the blade can be carefully removed with a ceramic stove cleaner and a cloth. Then rinse well and dry immediately.
• Knives with wooden handles should be oiled occasionally. How often is very different from person to person. Some handles need a little oil once a quarter and some only every two years. If the handle feels dull and has become greyer, then a little vegetable oil provides a new shine and a pleasant haptic.

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